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  • About us

    LCM Stanc Ltd. is one of the biggest die shop in Hungary since 1990

    Perfect quality die cutting tools

    High tech production

    With the help of the latest technology and machines LCM is satisfying all the needs of local & global packaging companies.

    We have a die cutting tool which is even usable after 1,715,000 cuts.

    Short delivery

    Short time delivery

    The average delivery time - depending on the volume of the orders - is approximately. 1-3 days.

    Depending on the order we can handle the shipping too.

    Great value for money

    Cost efficient solution

    Low price + high quality of service =


    Quality Audit

    ISO 9001: 2015

  • Services

    Design & Tool making & Laser cutting & Customer support

    Production of flat die cutting tools

    We produce tools for the following materials


    Corrugated board

    Self-adhesive sticker

    Polymeric sheets




    Foamed polymers

    Production of Accessories

    Accessories For Die Cutting Tool

    „PERTINAX” (counter-crease plate)

    „GEGEN ritz”

    Steel Counter Plates

    Make ready sheet

    Stripping tools

    Blanking tools

    Laser cutting

    Laser cutting can guarantee the most precise channels within our tools.

    Customer support & Advisory

    We are here to guide you

    Our expert team is looking forward to guide you regarding die cutting tools and related technologies.


    Topics where we could support you:

    1. Professional, theoretical education
    2. Professional, practical education (operator) support at customer's venue
    3. Production and ERP development
  • Technology

    With the help of the latest technology and machines LCM is satisfying all the needs of local & global packaging companies.

    CAD designing

    CAD (Computer Aided Design)


    CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)


    From files created with CAD technology generates the data to CNC machines.

    (Computer Numerical Control )

    Lasercutting Machines


    LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)


    Advantages of laser cutting:

    Touch-less technology, any form could be cut out, Precise, channel can be only 0.3mm. Fast cutting & smooth surface, no stick.

    Water Jet Cutter

    With Water Jet Cutter we can get a perfect form of the rubbers within the die cutting tools.

  • Who we are?


    A key player of the European die cutting market with 20+ years of experience.

    András Réti

    Partner, CEO

    Andras has 10+ years experience at VC & early stage financing and company operation. He brings business development, project and innovation management experience to LCM.

    Co-Owner and CEO of LCM.


    Sándor Bodnár

    Senior Advisor

    Sándor has 30+ years experience at die cutting businesses.

    He is the senior advisor of LCM.

    Zoltán Kovács

    Production Manager

    Zoltán has 20+ years experience at die cutting technology, designing, production management.

    Balázs Rácz

    Deputy Production Manager & Lead Designer

    Krisztina Borosné László

    Key Account Management

    Krisztina is responsible for the communication with the Hungarian and International customers.

    Zsanett Schilling

    Human Resource Manager

    Enikő Szilágyi


  • Contact us

    Email: lcm@lcm.hu

    Call : +36-1-278-51-20

  • LCM's Plant in Budapest

    Address: H-1222 Budapest, Gyár utca 15. H/2 épület, Tel. +36 1 278 5120, Email: lcm@lcm.hu

  • Short term project opportunity @ LCM

    We are looking for a professional for a short term project regarding the following milling machine: :

    Delta LGT 2113

    Control: ESAutomotion

    More info about the machine: HERE




  • References

    The trust of our customers is the single most important asset we have